Fascia and chronic pain: the importance of healthy fascia

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Fascia plays a crucial role in relation to chronic pain. Healthy fascia can make a significant difference in how our body functions and responds to daily stresses. Here, we discuss several methods to keep fascia healthy and its impact on preventing and treating chronic pain.

Varied movement: hydration and flexibility

Sitting in the same position for prolonged periods, such as behind a computer, can lead to physical complaints like lower back and neck pain. This happens because the body adapts to this constant, one-sided strain, causing fascia to dehydrate. Varied movement is essential for hydrating fascia. By engaging in different types of movements, you keep the ‘bodysuit’ of fascia flexible and strong, helping to withstand the stresses of both sports activities and daily tasks.

Foam rolling: suppleness and mobility

An effective method to keep fascia healthy is foam rolling. By applying pressure to muscles and fascia with a foam roller, the tissue remains supple and well-hydrated. Regular use of a foam roller can help break up adhesions in the fascia, improving mobility and promoting a more efficient movement pattern. This contributes to injury prevention and greater body comfort.

Fascia release treatment: recovery and space

Manual fascia release treatments are another important method to promote fascia health. These treatments activate the body’s natural healing ability, create space, and can ‘melt’ restrictions in the tissue. Fascia is generally very responsive to manual techniques, making these treatments particularly effective.

Maintaining healthy fascia is important not only for athletes or those with an active lifestyle but for everyone. By paying attention to fascia health, we can address common sources of chronic pain and improve our overall well-being. By engaging in varied movement, regularly foam rolling, and possibly undergoing fascia release treatments, we support our body in maintaining a healthy, flexible, and pain-free state.

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