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Iskra’s Herbal Massage Oils for Movement Matters

We are very proud and fund that we are using Iskra’s herbal massage oils. It’s completely natural, organic and deeply nourishing oils.

Being that our skin is our biggest organ, and that everything that skin absorbs makes its way into our body, blood and lymphatic system, these oils are made from ingredients that we could safely eat as well.


From Permaculture garden to Massage Oil

For Movement Matters, Iskra has designed herbal oils based on cold pressed sunflower oil, which is rich in vitamins E and A. It promotes skin health by acting as antioxidant and regenerating damaged skin cells. As it is not greasy, it is absorbed by the skin without clogging any pores. Cold pressed sunflower oil is a natural moisturiser, it can treat dry and sensitive skin.

Other ingredients in these oils are medicinal herbs, grown by Iskra herself, in her permaculture, organic garden in Amsterdam.

Iskra’s herbal massage oils are infused with plants for longer periods in order to ensure that the medicinal content in oils is high.


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5 types of massage oil

  • Pregnancy oil, with mild supportive medicinal plants suitable for pregnant women. These plants aid relaxation, grounding and being in-tuned with (future) motherhood. For example chamomile plant, latin name is Matricaria recutita, is a great protector and sustainer for all mothers.
  • Femininity oil, with both gentle and strong women supporting plants, is designed to wake up the depth of femininity and to promote strength in expressing one’s own womanhood. One of the plant ingredients is Mugwort, latin Artemisia Vulgaris, a master protector plant for women of all ages.
  • Detox oil, contains detoxifying plants, such as Cleaver, latin Galium Aparine, which works on drainage of our lymphatic system. Other plants in this oil help with anti-cellulite action and improve circulation.
  • Sport/repair oil, is designed to improve circulation, disinfect skin and reduce inflammation. It fits perfectly with sport or deep tissue massage, as it helps to remove toxins from our muscles and tissues.
  • Relax – 3IN1 oil, is a three way working oil: it is relaxing, grounding and it helps to open your heart. Among other beneficial plants, it contains Hawthorn, heart medicine. So while you are relaxing you are also invited to be happy and open for whatever life might bring.


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