Kintsugi Kismet

Kintsugi Kismet was designed to help individuals reconnect with themselves and find peace amidst the chaos of everyday life. Participants engaged in the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, where broken pottery pieces are mended with gold, creating something uniquely beautiful from what was once shattered. This practice served as a powerful metaphor for emotional and physical healing, demonstrating that our scars and imperfections contribute to our beauty and resilience. 

Kintsugi celebrates imperfections and recognizes the beauty in flaws. By mending broken pieces, Kintsugi teaches us that scars and cracks are not marks of failure but of resilience and history. This ancient practice invites us to embrace our own vulnerabilities and transform them into sources of strength and beauty. Through Kintsugi, we learn that repair and restoration can create something even more unique and valuable than before, symbolizing the potential for renewal and growth in every broken fragment of our lives. 

Throughout the workshop, attendees were guided through meditation and mindfulness techniques, enabling them to relax and reflect. The hands-on process of breaking and mending pottery allowed participants to experience the joy of creation and the therapeutic benefits of letting go.


Our workshops were more than just artistic sessions; they were transformative experiences. Participants found solace and renewal, often expressing how the practice of Kintsugi helped them release stress and embrace their imperfections.

Duha Asker shared, “Thank you for all your attention and care from the confirmation of the Kintsugi workshop. It gave me a wonderful feeling. From the beginning, I felt valued and accepted, for which I will always be grateful.”

Nancy Morgan reflected, “I truly enjoyed this workshop. It felt good and relaxing. I learned to let go more easily. The whole story behind Kintsugi is so beautiful. Thank you both for this special experience.”

Feikje de Vries appreciated the welcoming environment, saying, “The Kintsugi workshop was incredibly fun, special, and welcoming. Claire and Mariëlle put a lot of love and attention into it. I felt really welcome. The yoga nidra and meditation exercises were also fun and relaxing. I had a great time and will definitely do Kintsugi again!”


Why businesses and clients Choose us

Movement Matters is known for its innovative and cross-disciplinary concepts that blend creativity with therapeutic practices. Our ability to create immersive and transformative experiences, such as Kintsugi Kismet, showcases our talent for crafting environments that foster personal growth, healing, and authentic connection.

Businesses and clients choose Movement Matters because we offer more than just traditional bodywork; we provide holistic and creative solutions that address both emotional and physical well-being. Our projects are designed to inspire and transform, making us a trusted partner in promoting overall health and wellness.

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Author: Candice Kumai