Somatic Movement

Somatics is a project dedicated to the transformative power of somatic movement. With a background in physical theater and dance, I have crafted a series of workshops that cater to a diverse audience, from individuals seeking personal growth to companies aiming to enhance team cohesion and project engagement.



  • Our yoga sessions incorporate somatic principles, emphasizing body awareness and mindfulness, suitable for all levels.

Massage training

  • We offered a spectrum of massage workshops, ranging from babymassage to Thai massage and relaxation techniques for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Corporate Training

  • Tailored programs designed to help businesses foster a more embodied presence within their teams, enhancing creativity, productivity, and overall well-being.


Inspirations and methodologies

The training approach is deeply influenced by several esteemed movement practices:

  • Jacques Lecoq: Focused on physical improvisation and spatial awareness.
  • Laban Movement Analysis: A systematic approach to understanding and categorizing human movement.
  • Action Theatre: A form of improvisational theatre that highlights the physicality of performance.
  • Butoh: A Japanese dance theatre form exploring profound aspects of human experience.
  • Body Weather Laboratory: An interdisciplinary method integrating various physical practices.

My background

With extensive training in physical theater and dance, I bring a unique perspective to somatic movement education. My approach is informed by years of practical experience and a deep understanding of how movement influences both mind and body.


Participants in this training have experienced significant benefits, including enhanced body awareness, stress reduction, and improved mental clarity. Corporate clients have reported increased team synergy and more effective project outcomes.

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